COVID-19 Industry Resources

covid-19 industry resources

Industry-specific COVID-19 information for retail & restaurants to service & manufacturing and everything in between.

Cybersecurity & Government Contracting

government contracting cybersecurity DFARS small business

In this section, we cover government contracting cybersecurity standards, including DFARS and NIST. Standards are comprehensive and applicable to all small businesses.

General Cybersecurity Resources & Contacts

cybersecurity resources small business

This sections provides general cybersecurity resources and contacts for small businesses, including our cybersecurity guides, SBDC resources and additional educational resources.

Choosing a Location

choosing a location

Our guide walks through key considerations & resources for Choosing a Location. Site selection research, traffic counts & more!

National Small Business Week 2021

national small business week 2021

Spotlighting the resilience and renewal of America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, the 2021 National Small Business Week is Sep 13-15.

Employee Ownership

employee ownership

Introduction and guide on employee ownership for small business. Covers various models as well as the advantages and disadvantages of EO.

Recreation & Leisure Industry

This section provides Recreation & Leisure Industry links and resources to assist your startup or small business. View our related business reports: Sports & Fitness and Travel & Tourism. COVID-19 Industry Impact A hit to the global economy, the pandemic took a toll on the Recreation & Leisure Industry as a result of the mandated closures of nonessential businesses […]

Pet Care Services Business

Turn your passion for dogs & cats in to your own small business! Learn how to start your own pet care services business & profit from this flourishing industry.