COVID-19 Industry Resources

covid-19 industry resources

Industry-specific COVID-19 information for retail & restaurants to service & manufacturing and everything in between.

Recreation & Leisure Industry

This section provides Recreation & Leisure Industry links and resources to assist your startup or small business. View our related business reports: Sports & Fitness and Travel & Tourism. COVID-19 Industry Impact A hit to the global economy, the pandemic took a toll on the Recreation & Leisure Industry as a result of the mandated closures of nonessential businesses […]

Travel & Tourism Industry

travel tourism industry

Travel & Tourism resources and information to assist your startup or small business. Links to travel & tourism research, business associations and more.

Sports & Fitness Industry

Sports & fitness small business

Our collection of sports & fitness small business resources covers industry data, associations and more for fitness centers, trainers, martial arts, yoga & more!

Automotive Industry

Automotive industry

Our collection of automotive small business resources covers everything from servicing cars and trucks to selling them new or used and everything in between.

Restaurant & Food Service Industry

restaurant foodservice business industry

Useful resources & information for restaurant or food service small businesses. Business plans, Associations, Concepts, Food Trucks, Technology & more.

Beverage Industry

Useful resources & information for small businesses in the beverage industries. Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Coffee, Tea, Kombucha, regulations & more

Food Industry

Useful resources, information and tools for any type of food business. Organics, produce, meats, diary products, retailing, packaging & more!