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Small Business Snapshot Reports

Research reports on popular small business ideas, including data, trends, associations, related sources of information, and links to other small business web resources.

Bakery Business

Bake up a storm with the latest bakery business market research, baking trends, associations and more.

Pet Care Services Business

Turn your passion for dogs & cats in to your own small business! Learn how to start your own pet care services business & profit from this flourishing industry.

Pet Supply Store Business

Learn about the Pet Supply Store industry and find information on how to start a pet supply business. Don’t forget you can receive free or low-cost

Farmers Market business

Farmers Market

Get your fill of valuable business information to start & grow your Farmers Market business!

staffing agency business

Staffing Agency

Want to help other businesses succeed by finding them quality employees? Starting a staffing agency could be right for you.


Gym Business

Get your business in shape with our report on Gym and Fitness Centers, including updates for adapting to COVID-19.

Brewery Business

Learn how to start your own brewery business and about trends in the craft beer & brewery business industry. Customer demographics, market research & more!

winery business

Winery Business

Like a fine wine, turning your passion for wine in to a business takes time. Find the resources and information you need to get started or grow your business.

Distillery business

Distillery Business

We’ve distilled all the business information and resources you need to start or grow your distillery business.

self-stoage business

Self-Storage Business

Stored in this report, you’ll find terrific business resources and industry information to start or grow your self-storage business.

food truck business

Food Truck Business

Take your passion for food on the road with your very own Food Truck business! Find information to help you operate a mobile food business in the COVID-19 ear.

fast food business

Fast Food Restaurant Business

Feast your mind on our latest Fast Food Restaurant Business report updated with COVID-19 resources for reopening. Includes fast food business trends, stats and helpful links.

daycare business day care child care services

Daycare Business

Opening a Daycare Business or looking to adapt yours for COVID-19? Our updated Daycare Business Market Research Report can help you take your first steps!

cleaning services business

Cleaning Services Business

The cleaning services industry is booming! Learn how to start or grow your own cleaning business with our market research report.

landscaping services business

Landscaping Services Business

Interested in starting a landscaping or lawn care service business? Look no further for information on starting your business today.

restaurant business

Full Service Restaurant Business

Cooking up a new restaurant concept or reopening your business after COVID-19? Look no further than this full service restaurant business report, which includes startup costs, business plans, industry resources & more!

Bar Business nightclub business startup

Bar Business & Nightclub

Drink your fill in our latest Bar & Nightclub Business report. Start your own bar or adapt yours for COVID-19.

convenience store business

Convenience Store Business

Get our latest market research report on the C-Store business with industry trends, business plan templates, publications and more.

beauty salon business

Beauty Salon Business

Comb through our updated Beauty Salon and Hair Care services market report, with trends, resources, business plan templates, and more.

Real Estate Agent Business

Real Estate Business

Learn what it takes to start your own real estate business and find helpful resources to grow your small business.

Medical Practice

Medical Practice Business

This report is for physicians or doctors interested in starting their own medical practice. Find useful resources and information on starting and managing your own medical practice.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting Business

Turn your passion for business management in to your own management consultancy! Learn about the management consulting industry, customers, associations and more.

Coffee shop business

Coffee Shop Business

Think you have what it takes to serve up America’s favorite drink? Learn more about the Coffee Shops industry and what it takes to start a business of your own.

Bike Shop

Cruise through our bike shop report for tips on coasting to bike shop success!


Skim the latest bookstore trends, sales data, bookshop customer profiles, bookstore business plans, and other helpful bookstore links.

Surety Bond Industry

Surety bonds are a critical success element to virtually every small business owner. Without them, buildings would not be built and small businesses would not be able to occupy their lease spaces.

Web-based Business Tools

We had an opportunity to speak with Jake Villareal, Chief Marketing Officer of Apptivo. We interviewed him to find out about the advantages of web

Fine Arts Industry

The Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation sector includes a wide range of establishments that operate facilities or provide services to meet varied cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of their patrons.


If you love beautiful things from the past, an antique dealership business may be a good business for you. As an antique dealer, you will find, appraise, purchase and sell antiques either from your home, through a warehouse, a catalog, or a small shop, and now even through the Internet.

Organic Food Retailers

The simple definition of organic crops in the United States is defined as “crops that are raised without using synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or sewage sludge fertilizer, and they have not been altered by genetic engineering.”

Wireless Telecommunications Carriers

Meanwhile, technology is advancing so rapidly that wireless device manufacturers are constantly producing “top of the line” devices influencing consumers to keep up with the “Smartphone” trend.

Graphic Design Services

“If you’ve always pictured yourself as a commercial artist but your drawing style is closer to stick figures than Cézannes, then graphic design might be just the business for you.”

Beef Jerky Manufacturing

Aspiring meat processors beware: a handful of select brands dominate the pre-packaged jerky and meat snacks industry. In 2007, according to Information Resources, Inc., the four top-selling labels comprised approximately 87% of jerky and 97% of dried meat snack sales in supermarkets and drugstores.

Book Publishing

It’s a Brave New World for the publishing industry as it attempts to keep pace with the arrival of the digital age. The $1 trillion industry includes publishers and printers of newspapers, books, magazines and other materials.

Funeral Homes / Funeral Services

For consumers, funerals and burials are big businesses. A funeral is one of the most expensive events in one’s life: the average cost of a traditional funeral is close to $7,000.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is rapidly increasing in popularity. Businesses in industries from homes to vehicles – even purses – are looking to harness the power of the sun to decrease dependency on fossil fuels and decrease pollution.

Childcare Services Business

For many parents, crayola-covered walls and orchestras limited to pots and pans bring to mind the thought, “maybe daycare isn’t such a bad idea after all.” Besides providing parents with a little time off, day care centers offer children under five years of age, an educational and fun environment while parents are at work.

Personal Chef

Hey, who’s cooking dinner? Not as many of you as you might think. More and more Americans are looking elsewhere. Two up and coming trends are hiring a personal chef and purchasing freshly prepared complete meals needing only to be re-heated.

Gourmet Chocolate

Specialty foods, whether gourmet, organic or all natural are the rage these days. Formerly available only through farmers’ markets or specialty foods stores, premium fares have gained far-reaching acceptance.

Green Construction

What does “green” mean? Green construction means that a building uses less energy, conserves renewable resources and contains fewer toxic materials. What this means for construction cost is a higher initial cost with long term energy savings over the life of the building.

Paint & Body Shop

For as long as there have been cars, “scratch and dent” shops have been around to fix them. Not long after cars became affordable for most of the public, car owners began looking for ways to make their vehicle unique.

Biodiesel (Petroleum Refining)

In order to find cleaner alternatives to traditional fuels and to reduce dependence on foreign oil, the United States is looking for home-grown energy alternatives to traditional petroleum-based sources.

Hunting and Outdoor Recreation

The hunting and outdoor recreation industry is composed of two major categories; hunting and fishing, and wildlife watching. Fishing and hunting category contains sportspersons, anglers, and hunters.

Men’s Personal Care Products

In recent years, the media has projected a more stringent standard for the male physique; furthermore, this new and improved physique is meticulously presented. As such is the case, the public has shifted its collective view with regard to male grooming habits.

Pet Grooming

With dogs in almost 45 million homes in America, grooming services have become even more important. It is also important that an accurate customer base is identified so that the best service can be provided. There are two types of grooming service set-ups, the retail based groom shops and the mobile groom shops.

Bottled Water Industry

Since its emergence as the second largest and most popular beverage category in the United States, bottled water has become an industry of unimaginable innovation, fierce competition, high profit margins, and wide-spread marketing promotions.

Legal Services

It’s also quite common that the owner of a small business enterprise enters into a contract with a lawyer to ensure compliance with governmental regulations. In our hyper-legalized society, the demand for lawyers and those well versed in the law has never been greater.

Artisan Bread Business

The renewed interest in the Artisan Bread business is proof that, despite the low-carb craze that recently swept the nation, “bread is not dead.”

Gift Shop & Greeting Card Stores

NAICS Code: 453220 SIC Code: 5947 Completed by Veronica G. Rodriguez Gift shop and greeting card stores are both classified under the same census heading

Chiropractic Care

Offices of Chiropractors fall within the complementary and alternative medicine sector. Practices such as chiropractic, yoga, massage, prayer and meditation are some of the most used CAM therapies.

Automotive After Market Accessories

Automotive After Market consumers have an average of 2.9 vehicles in their household. Passenger cars are the dominant vehicle type with light trucks not far behind. The number-one concern for automotive after market consumers as they select and use their vehicles is durability, followed by safety.

Ice Cream Parlors

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Doesn’t that bring back good memories of your childhood and those hot summer days?Just imagine all the ice cream headaches! But, you cannot let that fool you into thinking the industry is growing. The ice cream industry has reached a mature stage.

Golf Ranges

Practicing your swing at the local driving range may be considered a leisurely endeavor, but this niche business has its particular challenges for the entrepreneur.In some areas, golf facilities have saturated the market so that facility owners are faced with overcapacity.

Mind Body Fitness

As more Americans report feeling stressed a lot of the time (American Sports Data), it is no wonder that mind-body fitness is dominating the fitness landscape. The baby boomer generation is seeking out alternative ways to supplement their fitness routine with “kinder, gentler” ways of exercising.




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