Choosing a Location

choosing a location

Our guide walks through key considerations & resources for Choosing a Location. Site selection research, traffic counts & more!

Employee Ownership

employee ownership

Introduction and guide on employee ownership for small business. Covers various models as well as the advantages and disadvantages of EO.

Small Business Reopening Guide

small business reopening guide COVID-19

Up-to-date guide for reopening your small business, including health & safety guidance, best practices, and state resources on COVID-19.

Human Resources for Small Business

human resources for small business

Our human resources for small business info center covers a range of guidance & topic-specific resources for managing your most important asset – people!


Financing, finance

Don’t struggle with small business financing! The state of your finances can be the difference between closing the doors or opening a new location. Learn all about small business finance with our help topic guide.

Government Contracting


Government contracting is big business. We’ve compiled the best small business resources for federal, state, and local government contracting.

Business Plan

Business plan development

Resources for writing a business plan & an alphabatized list of 800+ free sample business plans. Covers retail, service, technology, manufacturing & more!


The burning question many small business clients have is: What’s the best way to sell my product/service online? This report will point you toward e-marketing resources


Use these Franchise Links and Resources to learn how to get started with franchising — either buying a franchise, starting a new franchise or selling a franchise. Don’t forget you can receive free or low-cost training and free professional business advice, from your local Small Business Development Center! Get started with Your Free Business Plan […]