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COVID-19 Industry Impact

The U.S. Travel Association reports that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry will see a 45% decrease with a revenue loss of $519 billion in travel spending, which includes both international and domestic travel. According to a report from Hotel Management, the expected impact of the pandemic on the travel industry will be “nine times worse than 9/11”. The Novel Coronavirus has also directly and indirectly impacted other sectors within the industry. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, attractions, and other areas have reopened. While airlines were not grounded, they were carrying a few passengers during state shutdowns.  Most of the businesses within the industry have implemented new strategies such as using PPE, social distancing, facemasks, and educating employees on the latest practices to ensure the protection of customers and co-workers. However, reopening has proven difficult due to the difficulty in combating the coronavirus.

However, according to Forbes, the travel industry is helping create new ways of beating the pandemic. Airports are using UV-cleaning robots to kill coronavirus on surfaces. The hospitality industry is looking at using robots to help clean rooms, providing contactless or keyless entry to rooms. The sector will encourage travelers to self-enroll in contact tracing apps to assist local authorities with tracking confirmed cases. Innovation will be the key to helping the travel industry bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic, which will allow people to travel again safely.

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Future of the Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry Overview

The U.S. Travel Association reports that in 2019, domestic travel increased 1.7% totaling 2.3 billion person-trips. With spending of $972 billion in 2017, domestic leisure accounted for 80% of all tourism in the U.S. The report also highlights the direct and indirect economic impact of the industry, with foodservices and lodging making up the top two spending categories for domestic and international travelers.

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