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Small Business Snapshots

Our popular (and free!) market research reports cover industry trends, market statistics, customer demographics, recent business articles, and links to industry trade associations. A complete alphabetized archive appears in the sidebar to the right.

Beauty Salon 2014

Beauty Salon Sign

Comb through our updated Beauty Salon and Hair Care services market report, with trends, resources, business plan templates, and more.

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Car Wash Business 2013

tire with suds in car wash

Wash up on the latest car wash business and car wash franchise trends!

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Auto Repair Business 2012

Auto Repair Shop

Grab our latest auto repair shop market research report for your business toolbox!

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Bike Shop 2012

Bike Shop Exterior

Cruise through our bike shop report for tips on coasting to bike shop success!

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Brewery Business 2012

Silver Beer Vats

Drink in the microbrew market info, brewery business stats & craft beer trends!

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Fast Food Business 2012

golf cart at drive thru

Feast your mind on this compilation of fast food business trends, stats and helpful links.

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Daycare Business 2012

Yellow Daycare/Preschool Building

Thinking about opening a Daycare Business? Our newly updated Daycare Business Market Research Report can help you take your first steps!

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Beauty Salon 2012

Beauty Salon Sign

Comb through our updated Beauty Salon and Hair Care services market report, with trends, links, business plan templates, and more.

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Convenience Store 2012

Convenience store sign

Get our latest market research report on the “C-Store” business — trends, business plan templates, industry links and more.

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Bar Business 2012

Bar business sign

Our latest market research report on the Bar & Nightclub Business — trends, business plan templates, and other help with opening your dream bar or nightclub.

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Full Service Restaurant Business 2012

Full service restaurant sign for Italian Bistro

Be sure to get your fill as we dish out the latest trends, industry news, business plan templates and other helpful resources and links for the restaurant business.

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Janitorial Services Business 2012

Cleaning Services Blue and Gray Mop

Clear the cobwebs of confusion about the commercial cleaning business with our latest market research report.

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Bookstore 2012

Inside view of bookstore

Skim the latest bookstore trends, sales data, bookshop customer profiles, bookstore business plans, and other helpful bookstore links.

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Coffee Shop 2012

Coffee shop cup and saucer

We filter the latest info & links on coffee shop trends, sales, customer spending habits, business plan templates and more!

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Surety Bond Industry

Construction Worker

Surety bonds are a critical success element to virtually every small business owner. Without them, buildings would not be built and small businesses would not be able to occupy their lease spaces.

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