COVID-19 Industry Resources

covid-19 industry resources

Industry-specific COVID-19 information for retail & restaurants to service & manufacturing and everything in between.

Restaurant Revitalization Fund Helps America’s Food Businesses

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

During the COVID-19 shutdown, many restaurants we frequented pre-pandemic adapted to new business models by meeting demand with drive-through, curb-side pick-up, and delivery, among others. Then with reopening, many transitioned a portion of their parking lot to outdoor dining. As states and municipalities adjusted to the reality of the pandemic, so too did restaurants. Though […]

Staffing Agency

staffing agency business

Want to help other businesses succeed by finding them quality employees? Starting a staffing agency could be right for you.

Event Planning Business

event planning business

Bring together the perfect event planning business with our comprehensive small business report.

Small Business Reopening Guide

small business reopening guide COVID-19

Up-to-date guide for reopening your small business, including health & safety guidance, best practices, and state resources on COVID-19.

Auto Repair Business

Grab our latest auto repair shop market research report for your business toolbox!

Real Estate Business

Real Estate Agent Business

Learn what it takes to start your own real estate business and find helpful resources to grow your small business.