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Guiding Lights: SBDC Day 2022

Guiding Lights: SBDC Day 2022

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“Your Guiding Light” is the theme for the sixth annual SBDC Day. Recognized on the third Wednesday in March since 2017,  the nationwide network of small business development centers (SBDCs) recognize their collective accomplishments in helping America’s small businesses succeed. SBDC Day unites the nearly 1,000 SBDCs across the country and the hundreds of thousands of clients they serve by sharing, in real time, the success stories and notable impacts SBDCs have on the small business community at large. Wednesday, March 16, 2022 marks this year’s SBDC Day.

With the help of SBDCs across the country, clients generated $7.6 billion in new sales, secured $6 billion in financing, and created 71,399 new jobs; that’s $100,000 in sales every 7 minutes, $100,000 in financing every 8.8 minutes, and a new job every 7.4 minutes. Read more about the real-world impact of SBDCs here.

SBDCs Provide A Guiding Light to Small Business Owners

In 2020, amid the outbreak of a COVID-19, SBDCs promptly began their support to help small businesses adapt to new business norms, begin selling online and facilitate small businesses reopening efforts.

During 2021, as many areas of the country continued their reopening efforts, SBDCs provided support to small businesses across a broad spectrum of industries and communities. The Great Resignation prompted many to start their own ventures as evidenced by the over 5 million business applications filed in 2021. The global pandemic, social and economic disruptors, and the fast pace of technological change are challenges many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Through it all, SBDCs serve as the guiding light to current and prospective small business owners on their journey.

Join the SBDC Day Celebration

Join the celebration on March 16, 2022 by following #SBDCday on your favorite social media channel and join the conversation by sharing your SBDC small business success story. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. To learn more about what your local SBDC is doing to celebrate, Find Your Local SBDC.

About SBDCs

Small businesses are job creators and innovators. America’s SBDCs are the nation’s proven, cost-effective and accredited infrastructure focused on small businesses. SBDCs are hosted by leading universities, colleges, state economic development agencies and private partners, and funded in part by the U.S. Congress through a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

About the SBDC National Blog

The SBDC National Information Clearinghouse (SBDCNet) is the official business research and support program for the national SBDC network. For over 20 years, the SBDCNet has been dedicated to meeting the information and resource needs of the small business community and working in partnership with SBDCs to ensure their clients’ success. The SBDC National Blog is a publication of SBDCNet that features small business news, stories and more. If you have a small business resource or SBDC client success story you think would make a great feature, please Contact Us.

Additional Resources

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Remember, you can also receive free professional business advice and free or low-cost business training from your local Small Business Development Center!

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