• International Archive of Educational Data – research data collections from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) are made fully accessible to the research community.  also incorporates other important national and international data collections that report on the educational process.
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children -This site contains reports and research on a range of early childhood care and education issues also has information about accreditation.
  • National Educational Association – Statistics on Public Education.
  • US Education Statistics – A comprehensive source for educational information and statistical information.
  • ESEA – This site provides publications that concern the reauthoration of The Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Congress is currently working on the reauthorization of ESEA. The Administration submitted its reauthorization proposal in May 1999. Here you will find information on the Administration’s proposal and on the reauthorization bills under consideration in the House and Senate.

Educational Technology

  • Department of Education-This site contains many articles about the use of technology in the educational setting.
  • Educational Technology & Society – This site contains academic articles on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators who implement and manage successful programs.
  • National Educational Technology Standards – This site contains information on the national curriculum standards and contains a search tool for lessons.
  • Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education – Information on projects and grants that deal with education and technology.
  • EDWEB – This site explores the worlds of educational reform and information technology. With this link you can obtain on-line educational resources from around the world, learn about trends in education policy and information infrastructure development, while examining success stories of computers in the classroom.
  • ISTE – This site is provided by a nonprofit professional organization with a worldwide membership of leaders and potential leaders in educational technology. They are dedicated to promoting appropriate uses of information technology to support and improve learning, teaching, and administration in K12 education and teacher education. ISTE’s role is leadership. They provide information, networking opportunities, and guidance to face the challenge of incorporating computers, the Internet, and other new technologies into schools.

Charter Schools


  • National Home Education Research Institute – Statistics, research, and technical  reports on home education. A clearinghouse of research for home educators, researchers, and policy makers.
  • Homeschool World -Homeschool resourses, Homeschool World Magazine, links to state organizations.



  • 21st Century Community Learning Center Program The 21st CCLC Program is a key component of the Administration’s efforts to keep children safe, to provide academic enrichment, and other recreational and enrichment opportunities, such as band, drama, art, and other cultural events for children; and to provide life-long learning opportunities for community members. Congress has supported this initiative by appropriating $846 million for after-school programs in Fiscal Year (FY) 2001 (up from $453 million in 2000).
  • Class Size Reduction Program – This site provides information on obtaining funding to reduce classroom size. The purpose of this initiative is to, over the next 7 years, help school districts hire and train 100,000 new teachers to reduce class size to a national average of 18 in grades 1-3. They provide general and application information on obtaining funding to foster coherent school-wide improvements that cover virtually all aspects of a school’s operations, rather than piecemeal, fragmented approaches to reform.

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