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NY SBDC State Network Research Blog

NYSBDC Logoby Roger Green

The New York State SBDC library, known as the Research Network, decided to embrace the so-called Web 2.0 technology relatively early on.  The first blog item to was posted on May 24, 2005.  It was prompted in part by one of our then-current librarians, Mary Beth Bobish, coming back from a Special Libraries Association meeting, declaring, “We need to have a blog!” As I had started my own blog earlier that month, I was on board, and the other librarians were amenable as well.

We decided that regularity was paramount in creating a successful blog.  To that end, we agreed that each of the four librarians then on staff would write one post per week, which would make the process less onerous than putting the burden on one or two people. In a similar vein, we agreed that we would pick our own topics. We also decided that we would all sign our own names, rather than use corporate nomenclature, for the importance of showing the personality of the blogger as well as the collective was understood.

Initially, we made the blog available only to SBDC personnel. However, about a year on, we looked at the items we were posting and determined that there was little or nothing we put out on the site that could not be shared with the general public and we made the change to make it available to anyone.

I Love NY DiceThe blog has had a slow but steady growth to about 2000 visits and 2500 page views per month. We do not limit comments, except for spam; if there is a defamatory remark we had to edit, I don’t recall it. The visuals of the blog have been tweaked over time from the standard Blogger template to something more visually pleasing.

As of about a year ago, the Research Network and the NYS SBDC has had a Facebook page, which is fueled in part from our blog feed. Likewise, our Twitter feed that keeps both our blog and our website fresh. Our Facebook badge is a variation on the SBDC logo.

Amelia Birdsall and I gave a presentation at the ASBDC conference in September 2008 in Chicago to promote SBDC social networking tools, using the NYS SBDC experience as a template. If you are an SBDC- or SBA-related entity that wants to discuss the efficacy of social networking, please contact me at

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