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Michigan SBTDC Balanced Scorecard

by Michigan SBTDC

The MI-SBTDC Balanced Scorecard was first rolled out to internal network in early 2008. The dashboard illustrates graphically the indicator measures regarding achieving our core Mission: “to positively impact the economy by strengthening existing companies, creating new jobs, retaining existing jobs and assisting companies in defining their path to success.”  Since its initial introduction, the dashboard underwent a number of upgrades to fine-tune measures and add report building capabilities.

Michigan SBTDC HeaderThe Balanced Scorecard Dashboard is developed using Microsoft Report Manager and is updated nightly through a data upload from Center IC.  The data is stored on an independent SQL data server and accessible for the whole network through the MI-SBTDC intranet known as the Portal.  Access to the data is coordinated with the portal access to ensure each viewer can see the State goal vs. actual data, their regional performance, as well as their own individual dashboard.

The individual consultant dashboard focuses on the SBA economic impact measures and additional metrics established in the network.  Each consultant develops his/her economic impact annual goals in coordination with their MI SBDC Scorecard Peopleregional director.  The goals are fed into their dashboard and compared to the year-to-date actual from Center IC. The data is then built up into regional dashboards, which aggregates into the overall dashboard for the state.  Among the additional measures tracked are team counseling; percent of clients providing economic impact, use of management tools; A and B vs. C and D clients served. Data is available for various user-driven time criteria ranging from the default year-to-date to any selection of calendar year/quarter/month dating back to the beginning of 2006.

The implementation of the Balanced Scorecard has helped drive economic impact by pinpointing where and how MI-SBTDC staff should focus their attention.  It clearly identifies the impact each counselor has in achieving regional and overall network goals. Additionally, it promotes open communication among the different regions and counselors on how best to achieve success.

The most recent upgrade to the MI-SBTDC Balanced Scorecard was rolled out in May 2009 and introduced ad-hoc report building capabilities. It uses the Microsoft Report Builder tool to give access to the raw data behind the dashboard. This allows for a whole new range of reporting and charting possibilities to help guide the network towards achieving its goals.

In 2008, the MI-SBTDC presented on its Balanced Scorecard and dashboard process at the national conference.  As an outcome of the presentation, sixteen people from various states have formed a Balanced Scorecard User Group.  They meet via webinars about every two months and share best practices.  They also share their best practices via the MI-SBTDC portal collaboration site.  In addition to Michigan, other states to share their journey have been Missouri, Puerto Rico, Delaware, Utah, and North Carolina to name a few.

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