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Most Popular Small Businesses, December 2011

Top 10 Small Businesses

Top 10 Most Popular Small Businesses

SBDCNet’s Most Popular Small Business List ranks which industry reports are most frequently requested by SBDC Advisors to share with their small business clients. Read on to find out how you can get a free small business market research report for your new or existing small business.

SBDCNet’s Top 10 List of Most Popular Small Businesses, 12/2011

  1. Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers (NAICS: 71394)
  2. Full-Service Restaurants (72211)
  3. Homes for the Elderly (62331)
  4. All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries (71399)
  5. Used Merchandise Stores (45331)
  6. Meat Processed from Carcasses (31161)
  7. Landscape Architectural Services (54132)
  8. Beauty Salons (81211)
  9. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services (56174)
  10. Child Day Care Service (62441)

How we built this list of the most popular small businesses

We track the NAICS code for the industry covered by each small business market research report completed by SBDCNet on behalf of SBDC Advisors who work with small businesses across the nation.¬† These SBDC Advisors help write business plans, devise marketing strategies, analyze competition, prepare financial reports, optimize¬† operations, bid on federal contracts — virtually anything a small business owner needs help doing.

What is a NAICS code?

NAICS stands for North American Industrial Classification System — a bit more than a mouthful. It is the official method for categorizing the economic activity of North American business establishments (U.S., Canada and Mexico classifications are the same down to the 5 digit level). Here is a more complete explanation of the NAICS, and you can use this free tool to look up the NAICS for your business. A NAICS code can help a small business owner research an industry, find suppliers, identify their competitors, fill out loan documents, etc.

However, doing your own small business market research takes precious hours away from what you do best — building, growing and running your small business; and it’s usually very expensive for a small business owner to buy such a customized market research report. The good news is you can get a market research about your small business for free if you are working with your local Small Business Development Center Business Advisor.

How to get a free market research report for your small business

To get started, make an appointment with your local SBDC Advisor and request up to five reports from this list.

SBDCNet produces thousands of these research reports each year for SBDC Advisors to share with their small business clients. Maybe you would like to know the average income and population of your market area, or how much your customers typically spend on your type of product or service, or how long it takes your customers to drive to your location, or who your competitors are and where they’re located.

SBDC Advisors have the exclusive right to order these reports (and many more) for FREE on your behalf from SBDCNet (wonder why these valuable reports are free?). And did we mention that there also are no fees for receiving other business advice from your local SBDC Advisor — these services are paid by grants from the U.S. Small Business Administration, your state government and other local partner organizations. Please note that training courses offered by your local SBDC may carry a modest registration fee to cover course materials, room rental, etc., but the business advising services themselves are always free.

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