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Just Ask, Part 4

Cat-Shaped WatchYou never know where your next idea is going to come from, unless you’re willing to ASK!

Welcome back to my series on “Just ASK!” — a collection of real world experiences where “just ask” was at the heart of the success.

Just ask for what you want even if it sounds outrageous or an overreach. Ignore the naysayers and your inner self who fears failure or rejection. Your chances for success are directly related to your knowledge of the person, company, and industry you are asking and your offer of something of value to them, which is based on this knowledge. Please check back each week and I will share more true stories that prove how this principle has worked time and time again.



Met with Mail Order customer for brainstorming session to explore new ideas and their needs. Out of this came fact that 20% of the items they sell are cat related.


These one-day brainstorming sessions, which include buyers, management, and creative people, are great to enhance customer relationships, understand customer needs and develop products they can sell successfully. Other industry suppliers rarely asked for these sessions.

The Knowledge

* Key customers welcome suppliers asking for a brainstorming session.
* Human nature tells you if you deliver on a customer’s idea, they are very likely to buy your product that stems from their idea.

The Offer

A new cat watch, which had a rotating disk with a mouse on it, and initially was only available to them.

The Result

The watch was the best seller in the catalog at a high profit margin. Eventually, we sold the watch to other catalog customers with similar results, which led to the start of a watch company featuring rotating disk watches, which we built up to over $7,500,000 at high profits and sold after four years.

Next week…how this worked with THE CIRCUS…

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