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Archives for March 2010

Don’t Be Bullied By Your Lawyer

Download article as PDF 8 THOUGHTS IN DEALING WITH A LAWYER There are many occasions in the life of a Small Business where a lawyer is needed—a rental lease, a royalty contract, an employment contract, a business partnership, an investor, a lawsuit,etc. Small Businesses rarely have a full-time lawyer and staff, so theCEO hires one […]

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Factors: How They Can Help Your Cash Flow and More

Download article as PDF Factors finance $120 billion in receivables, yet most small and start-up businesses are not aware of them. Business schools rarely acknowledge them. However, they can alleviate your cash flow problems. They can loan you or advance you money against your receivables and in some cases against your inventory. In other words, […]

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Blockbuster Ideas Not Required

Download article as PDF The starting point for any new venture or product is the idea. What product or service will our business offer that will be a winner? A great many people can’t get past this idea phase. It seems to me that many of them stall out because they are waiting to hit […]

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The Golf Balls and the Mayonnaise Jar – Small Business Life Perspective

Download article as PDF I have received this email story a number of times over the years with no idea who created it. I think it’s a good one to share to remind Entrepreneurs of perspective in their lives. When things in your life seem almost too much When 24 hours in a day is […]

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Organic Food Retailers

The simple definition of organic crops in the United States is defined as “crops that are raised without using synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or sewage sludge fertilizer, and they have not been altered by genetic engineering.”

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