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Archives for February 2010

Never Forget Your Customers

Download article as PDF Customers are the key to business growth. Meet or exceed their expectations and prosper. The No. 1 need for business success is a customer. That’s pretty obvious, so why am I telling you this? It may be obvious but most companies seem to quickly forget this essential fact. Small and start-up […]

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Why The $5,000 Tax Credit Won’t Work

Download article as PDF Lesson for Small Business The President has proposed an up to $5,000 tax credit for Small Businesses for each employee they ADD in 2010, and an additional tax break for salary increases given to employees making under $100,000 a year. The purpose of this is obviously to add badly needed new […]

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Where NOT to Look for Money to Start Your Company

Download article as PDF One of the major obstacles Entrepreneurs face in starting a new business is where to go to raise the required money they need. It can also be the most time consuming, frustrating, and disheartening factor in start-ups. Here are some suggestions on where not to go that will save you time, […]

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Wireless Telecommunications Carriers

Meanwhile, technology is advancing so rapidly that wireless device manufacturers are constantly producing “top of the line” devices influencing consumers to keep up with the “Smartphone” trend.

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