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Archives for 2008

Childcare Services

For many parents, crayola-covered walls and orchestras limited to pots and pans bring to mind the thought, “maybe daycare isn’t such a bad idea after all.” Besides providing parents with a little time off, day care centers offer children under five years of age, an educational and fun environment while parents are at work.

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Personal Chef

Hey, who’s cooking dinner? Not as many of you as you might think. More and more Americans are looking elsewhere. Two up and coming trends are hiring a personal chef and purchasing freshly prepared complete meals needing only to be re-heated.

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Gourmet Chocolate

Specialty foods, whether gourmet, organic or all natural are the rage these days. Formerly available only through farmers’ markets or specialty foods stores, premium fares have gained far-reaching acceptance.

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Green Construction

What does “green” mean? Green construction means that a building uses less energy, conserves renewable resources and contains fewer toxic materials. What this means for construction cost is a higher initial cost with long term energy savings over the life of the building.

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The wine industry has experienced major growth since 2006 and industry executives expect this growth to continue indefinitely. This demand for wine is in creasing among younger college students incorporating wine into their lifestyles as well as Baby Boomers who spend an increasing amount of money satisfying their palates.

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